Feb 19 2008
02:20 pm

Remember when the Bush Administration told us that we couldn't allow imported prescription drugs from Canada to compete with 'good old made in the USA' drugs because it would be dangerous?

I didn't even know our drugs were being made in China by Big Pharm. Turns out- hey, maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all.

...According to the FDA, that plant has not been inspected by Chinese drug regulators, who sometimes do not visit facilities manufacturing for foreign markets...

..and where the FDA has no jurisdiction either.

Of course, our pharmaceuticals don't have to say "Made in China," we just get to wonder, and worry, and try to figure out how to take back the government that has been selling us out to the highest bidder for the last 7 years.

djuggler's picture

My Tinfoil hat

Now, what better way to take over a country by 2020 other than to control its mind and health altering substances!

Doug McCaughan

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