Aug 30 2014
08:11 am

From a local news report: "A little over two weeks ago in court, Defense Attorney Greg Isaacs requested the cases against Mike Lowe, Delbert Morgan and Ray Mubarak be thrown out since valuable documentation was lost in the time it took the grand jury to produce a conviction."

Bonus, from the same report: "An undecided future date has been set to determine Morgan's sentence."

KNS: "Judge Steve Sword set an Oct. 23 sentencing date."

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I'm missing the civics issue.

I'm missing the civics issue. Seems more like poor editing?

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I wasn't aware a grand jury

I wasn't aware a grand jury could return a conviction? Or is that another lawer word for indictment?

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Oh..haha. I didn't read

Oh..haha. I didn't read carefully.

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This is what happens when a TV station doesn't bother to cover the trial but wants to act like they did. My personal favorite was when WBIR called Lowe the county attorney.

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Perhaps with Randy Nichols gone, public officials will stop

this kind of rampant thievery and fraud upon the taxpayers of Knox County. The culture of throwing the public's money around for no other reason than to live a lifestyle of grandiosity like hard working successful private sector businessmen should be over.

In my opinion, the fee offices in Knox County should be subjected to salary caps as well as the term limits as this has gone on far too long and with dollars as tight as they are, the practice has got to stop.

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Randy Nichols' office has

Randy Nichols' office has been prosecuting the trustee case, fwiw.

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Nichols woudn't touch Ragsdale, Arms, or Werner

and in my opinion there was off ledger accounts, liquor fund, money, p-cards, and pointless and needless travel all over the country, not that different that what Morgan was convicted for. Had to get a special prosecutor to take Finch to the task for submitting false invoices. Basic and very easy stuff.

Nichols created a culture in the courthouse that that District Attorney, the chief law enforcement division of the State, wouldn't do anything to curtail the fraud and abuse of the public's money. Bad, bad tone to set in a backwater and high country community like Knoxville and Knox County.

You couple a do nothing D.A. like Nichols with an investigate nothing (except Burchette) newspaper like the Knoxville News Urinal and it's easy to see why people would make employees up and highly compensate them, order lobster for carry out at Regas, spend three days in New York City to deliver documents that FedEx would deliver for $45.00, slide an extra $3,000 into every employees pocket that registered for a test, it goes on and on and on.

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