Feb 9 2006
06:30 pm

If all of this is true, Reid should at the very least step down as Senate Minority leader. It doesn't matter whether it's Rs or Ds doing it, political favors for cash that involve even the appearance of impropriety should not be tolerated in Congress or for any other elected officials. I don't understand why this is such a difficult concept. Maybe I'm just naive.

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Pretty well debunked at

Pretty well debunked at media matters.
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Went and looked. Can't find

Went and looked. Can't find it. Gotta link?
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This is just Drudge carrying Delay's water

My understanding is that Reid wrote letters on behalf of Nevada tribes, i.e., his constituents.  This is substantively different, in my view, from the Ohio Republican Representative (Ney?) advocating on behalf of tribes that aren't located in his state, much less his district, in exchange for $$$ from Abramoff.

I believe when all the dust settles the Abramoff issue will be owned by the Republicans.  There can be no question but that Abramoff was a conservative and advertised himself as having access to Republican leaders.  The Republicans were in power, too, which made his "goods" more valuable.  Let's face it--access to Democratic leaders isn't worth a whole lot these days.

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<i>The Republicans were in

<i>The Republicans were in power, too, which made his "goods" more valuable.  Let's face it--access to Democratic leaders isn't worth a whole lot these days.</i>

That's a good point, but if that's our argument we've got a long row to hoe. As for "protecting Nevada gaming interests was business as usual" (as asserted in his defense at the second link), if I were a politician I'm thinking that's the last can of worms I'd want to open up for the public and the press to dig around in.

I'm just saying that Democrats need to be the party of liberty and justice for all. We can't abdicate the "justice" part if one of our own gets caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar. Otherwise, we lower ourselves to the other side's way of thinking, and give them even more talking points which we seem impotent to counter.

Or something.

(And there appear to be some thoroughly researched and somewhat disturbing facts between the lines of the the right-wing spin in this article.)

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Abramoff is a criminal.  He

Abramoff is a criminal.  He has already pleaded guilty to federal crimes.  Abramoff is cooperating with prosecutors and naming names.  The Ohio representative (I think his name is Ney) is under investigation for commiting criminal acts.

I have yet to hear anyone allege anything inappropriate--much less criminal--about a senator from Nevada writing a letter or making a call to on behalf of Nevada constituents.  I hope a senator from Nevada tries to help Nevada residents.  That's one of his or her functions.  Don't we expect the same of Tennessee politicians?  In fact, isn't that Jimmy Duncan's claim to fame?  I don't think there is anything remotely unseemly about that.  If they won't do that, they have no business being there. 

I have not heard anyone advocate a double standard (except the Republicans who are so, so desperate to make this a bipartisan scandal).  If a politician is a criminal, then he or she needs to face the music, no matter their political party.  I have yet to hear anyone advocate anything different.

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I couldn't find the MM link

I couldn't find the MM link either (and likely wouldn't believe that bunch of hacks  anyway) but I'm guessing it's probably the Howard Dean non-defense, defense of denying the Democrats took money while admitting Democrats took money. 

Update: Nope.  Found it.  It's the 'well, that was his position anyway' defense.

--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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Actually, upon a reread of

Actually, upon a reread of the article, I see no indication that Reid was complicit in any of Abramoff's confessed crimes.  He took money from a tribe represented by Abramoff as did 160+ other congressmonkeys.  Unless the transfer of funds was of questionable legality, I say no harm no foul.  Even if the funds transfers were questionable, I'm less inclined to care. Campaign finance laws (like tax, gun and some environmental laws) are so arbitrary that their violation doesn't have much of an impact on the appearance of impropriety anymore.

BTW, up is down, black is white and Coke is Pepsi.  SKB is slamming Democrats and I'm defending them.  But then, I always liked Reid until he got all Howard Dean on us.  Of course, I liked Howard Dean until he got all Howard Dean on us. 

--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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Excellent comments

The very idea that Reid should resign due to these highly dubious charges made in a painfully sloppy and misleading article redefines the concept of absurdity. If Reid should resign, then so should half the Republican party in Congress.

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