Jan 23 2011
01:33 am
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

read about the latest protest.

As part of a renewed campaign by some legislators to curb what they see as unwarranted ticketing with traffic cameras, Knoxville lawmakers are proposing a repeal of the state law requiring a "full and complete stop" at red lights.

Rep. Ryan Haynes, R-Knoxville, proposed House Bill 64, which would allow motorists to ease through a red light without stopping, as long as they yield the right of way to any cross traffic or pedestrians and do not otherwise "endanger other traffic." It would apply statewide.

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

I just wish they'd make the bill retroactive so I could collect a couple hundred bucks that got sucked out of my bank account for making perfectly legal and safe right turns.

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"What's your definition of rolling?",

asks Knoxville Police Department Capt. Gordon Catlett.

I'm not sure I can agree with this proposed change to the law, especially when it is just to alleviate problems with red light cameras.

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The Nuts want to loosen driving laws?

"There are people receiving tickets when they are not a threat to the public safety at all. … I don't want to advocate for anybody breaking the law. I am advocating for a change in the law."
Haynes said he believes that "the overwhelming majority" of citations issued at red-light cameras are for rolling through red lights in a manner that causes no problem as a safety matter.

This is a "lawmaker"? If people are NOT obeying the law (coming to a full stop at a red light before making a right hand turn) then it is a problem, and with driving it will always be a safety issue. If there is a problem with the red-light cameras, then get rid of what is causing the problem -- the red-light cameras.

But, LOOSENING driving laws is not the answer. Driving is a not a right it is a privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility. If you don't have the responsibility to follow the driving laws while in/on your vehicle, you put my safety in jeopardy.

There are enough nuts on the roads these days, I don't need to see more.

whooshe65's picture

As many cities and

As many cities and commuunities are comming to understand across the Nation, the problem with these devices is not people running the Red Lights. It is the Manipulation of the system by the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Red Light Camera companies for Profit.

Many of these systems use a "delay timer" on the right turn cameras and unless the vehicle waits up to 5 seconds in some cases, the cameras take a picture. There is no wait time in the law, required. The Law states that one can proceed after a complete stop. In most states this means the tires actually come to a complete stop, and then the vehicle can proceed, if the way is clear of vehicles and pedestrians.

For proof if this just google Gwinnett County Red Light Cameras and see what happened with our neighbors Cameras.

Dante Malebranche's picture

It is important to examine

It is important to examine and try to establish the ulimate goal of the redlight/speed camera programs. American Traffic Solutions,of Arizona ,bought the cameras and platforms from Redflex when Redflex "missed the deadline " for contract renewal here in Knoxville.The long range goals of ATS extend far beyond the public safety that was used to sell this idea to Knoxville .It appears they will offer to buy city past-due receivables for cash or new enforcement gear.
..Hmmmmmmmm..This potential sale of public equity to a private law enforcement company is a predictable form of privatization that may bode ill for our community.See the ATS statement below.

Public Finance

Revenue Advancing™, an innovative program offered by the Public Finance Solutions Department of ATS, provides a way for communities to convert their past-due receivables into cash, services or equipment before the receivables are collected. The cash then can be added to the general fund or converted into additional direct services by the municipality, including red-light or speed enforcement programs, parking meters or other equipment. From parking, court fees, fines, ordinance violations, judgments, photo enforcement and other public safety related collections, ATS Public Finance Solutions convert a community’s receivables into a cash advance while letting the municipality share in the upside of future collections.

ATS also provides customized leasing and lease purchase programs for photo enforcement needs. The programs provide flexible service offerings tailored to a community’s needs at the lowest possible cost.

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Rather than change the laws...

.. just prohibit the traffic camera companies from issuing citations for right on red violations, that they may ONLY issue citations for actually running straight through an intersection.

Guess what? They'll all close up shop and leave because their business model depends on the right-on-red-without-a-complete-stop business.

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there's a big difference

there's a big difference between running a red-light straight on, and making a right-turn without coming to a complete stop. i've been a witness to accidents caused by the former, and they are horrendous. on the other hand, i can't imagine that there would be any difference - in terms of accident prevention - slowing down to 5 mph on a right turn or coming to a complete stop. maybe there's some meaningful research and statistics on this ..

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This is a TERRIBLE idea.

This is a TERRIBLE idea. Changing safety-based laws is not the right way to deal with problems with the red light cameras (if there really are any).

I've gotten one ticket from the cameras - which I deserved. I was trying desperately not to sit through a third light cycle at Papermill & Kingston Pike and I knew I pushed it.

I turn right on red at intersections where there are cameras every single day. I have yet to get a ticket for it. Obey the law, come to a complete stop, and you'll be fine.

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The redlight /speed camera

The redlight /speed camera cabals terra form our safety laws for profit and then give a small cut to our revenue starved governments.The reduction of yellow light length and the criminalized normative behavior,such as safe right turn on red, are just the beginning of the privatization protocols for profit.Clearly the Redflex/ATS "exchange" is a convenient entree to the larger ATS plans for this market(see above).The real danger is the addiction to this revenue stream by vulnerable governments which will result in the codification of these dreadful schemes, with public safety and public service as the first, but not the last, victims.

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