Fired red-light camera executive: Company bribed officials in 13 states

[Aaron Rosenberg, former nationwide lead salesman for Redflex Traffic Systems] noted in the suit that Redflex "bestowed gifts and bribes on ... officials in dozens of municipalities within, but not limited to the following states: California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia."

Will the Tennessee Attorney General investigate these allegations? Who signed the Redflex contract in Knoxville? (That's a rhetorical question.)

(By way of RoaneViews.)

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Could not be less surprised

When public functions are handed over to private enterprise, this is what happens. Historically speaking, this is without exception, education included.

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v Indictment against privatizing law enforcement

When the Redflex Virus was brought here by Lil Bill, we were promised a chance to review and evaluate it's propriety after the first 3 year contract.We never got that chance. Instead we got a smoke and mirror show of how Redlfex didn't get their renewal bid in on time, and a bum rush transfer to the equally flawed American Traffic Solutions (ATS).The city requested a RTR right turn on red enforcement in the new contract . ATS objected because of so called "political problems", but
finally complied. Eventually,the state legislature threw out RTR enforcement. Attorney General Robert J. Cooper Jr shot down the argument that this new statute somehow did not apply to existing contracts, writing that "the parties have no vested right in a particular level of revenue" (view opinion). ATS disagreed and sued the City of Knoxville for lost RTR revenue.Well, isn't this special.This is a perfect case against privatizing law enforcement.The only thing worse in the Privatizing Frenzy of Lil Bill would be to give a $330 million no bid contract to friends and stooges to manage all or state properties.Oh wait. ....Wait a minute......Is this a dream...Well, it is a bad dream and a cautionary tale. Please wake up voters of Tennessee and let us end this Crony Corporate Madness.Bring new reason to our legislature this year...Lil Bill can build his KappuccinoKingdom
on the Island of Misfit Rebate Toys ,along with Rudolph..not on the backs of our citizens.

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Inbreeding of thought

There's a school of thought that suggests topics such as this are inbred and re-


There is another school of thought that says that citizen media works by building networks of individuals who bring their individual strengths to the table for the collective good of all.

I would submit that this little story may well be the proverbial tip of an iceberg, and that it is a primary reason that blogs like this one, and posters like us should have our full press freedoms as guaranteed by the first amendment held fully intact.

Good job here, Randy.

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