Nov 4 2019
11:10 am
By: R. Neal

We had a couple of rebates paid in the form of pre-paid credit cards. I was checking the balance on one of them and realized it was expired. Thankfully we had used all but about $5 of the value. Another one had not been used but expires this month. Glad I checked.

Anyway, these things are a pain to use at retailers because you may not know how much is left on the balance and/or end up trying to split the purchase amount between different cards/payment methods.

Solution (if you use Amazon): Add them to your Amazon gift card balance. That's what I did for the one that was expiring. The Amazon "reload" page is: From there, add your rebate/pre-paid card as a new payment method. Then "reload" your balance for the full amount of the card using that card as the payment method. Wait a couple of days to make sure the transaction clears, then remove the card from your Amazon account.


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