They should get Fleischman and others to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail some weekend. It's an eye opener. Mixture of people young and old, thriving beehive of activity. Boy Scout troup etc.

Since the program's inception in 2009, more than $4.1 billion has been awarded to projects across the nation, but the bill passed this week would limit TIGER grants to roads and bridges, ports and freight rail while specifically prohibiting funding of transit projects, streetscaping and bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure.

Rails-to-Trails advocates to lobby Rep. Chuck Fleischmann

jbr's picture

The Virginia Creeper Trail is

The Virginia Creeper Trail is very nice.

Maybe some characteristics and businesses similar to those along the Creeper will evolve in South Knoxville. Plus we have the river. It is possible kayaking to dinner, different parks, or music, etc will become common place.

Virginia Creeper Trail Club

Virginia Creeper Trail

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Rails to trails

A lot of them all over the country. One already located in Knox County, I think. A ton of them in Minnesota.


The Creeper really is a fantastic example.

And then there are the ones people use to try and get somewhere safe on The Walking Dead.

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Trails to rails

Would be pretty cool also.
Bike n trains in Germany

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Tea Party results

I see Fleischmann's stances posted on Facebook. Stacey Campfield probably aspires to be as smart.

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What did Fleischmann say?

Please don't make me read his Facebook posting.

I think y'all are missing the point. We all like rails to trails but there is a national transportation funding bill pending that could eliminate funding for rails to trails and most anything except more asphalt. They're lobbying Fleischmann because he has a vote.

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