Aug 8 2006
09:29 am

My husband called me and said he heard breaking news on THE VOICE (WVLZ 1180 Sounthern Roots Radio) this a.m about Mike Ragsdale's INTENTIONS to become Governor.

Apparently, Jon Gustin, a Knox County employee and campaign committee member of Committee to Elect Mike Ragsdale, has registerd on July 31st (link...)

I find this very arrogant since the General Election was not until Aug 3. and I feel very angry that the Primary for Jim Bryson was not even held until Aug. 3 and now you have Mike Ragsdale already showing intentions of running for governor. If I was Jim Bryson, I would be furious.

My son went to (link...) and plugged in the (link...) and Jon Gustin is the registrant. Jon Gustin was also the registrant for (link...)

Apparently, (link...) states "Ragsdale owes me money".

Ragsdale will not be focused on the job - a LAME DUCK MAYOR - with focus on SPIN.

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Someone better save that

Someone better save that info, because by the end of the day, the domain registration will probably be changed and nothing but denials will come from Ragsdale's office.

Here it is:

Querying whois.opensrs.net]
Jon, Gustin
Box 757
Norris, TN 37828


Administrative Contact:
Gustin, Jon jsgustin@bellsouth.net
Box 757
Norris, TN 37828
Technical Contact:
Gustin, Jon jsgustin@bellsouth.net
Box 757
Norris, TN 37828

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 31-Jul-2006.
Record expires on 31-Jul-2007.
Record created on 31-Jul-2006.

Domain servers in listed order:

Domain status: REGISTRAR-LOCK

Who Is Jon's picture

Who is Jon Gustin. Jon

Who is Jon Gustin.

Jon Gustin, Manager of E-government Services
Knox County Government

Serves at the pleasure of County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and is often times his photographer.

You can reach Jon at jon.gustin@knoxcounty.org or 865.215.4227.

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Uh, I don't think Bryson has

Uh, I don't think Bryson has anything to be upset about. Ragsdale isn't running for Governor in 2006.

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Maybe Conservative Lady

Maybe Conservative Lady thinks it's insulting that Ragsdale will be giving Bryson opposition as he runs for his second term as governor. Heh.

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Apparently, (link...) states "Ragsdale owes me money".

Uh, no it doesn't.

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Uh, I don't think Bryson has

Uh, I don't think Bryson has anything to be upset about. Ragsdale isn't running for Governor in 2006.

But I did hear on local talk radio that Peyton Manning may run a write-in campaign for Frist's U.S. Senate seat and that Harold Ford Jr. said if so he would drop out and throw his support to Manning.

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You, sir, are a

You, sir, are a troublemaker.

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www.mikeragsdale.com and Tyler Harber?

The registration for (link...) states "Ragsdale owes me money". I heard on the radio that a former Knox County employee, Tyler Harber, owns it.

I think that is accurate (see e-mail of tyler@nationalpublicstrategies.com)- This was captured on 10/31/05 prior to current registrant- due to it was originally registered as:

Committee to Elect Mike Ragsdale
4437 Kingston Pk
Suite 145
Knoxville, TN 37919


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Committee to Elect Mike Ragsdale tyler@nationalpublicstrategies.com
4437 Kingston Pk
Suite 145
Knoxville, TN 37919

Record expires on 29-Sep-2006
Record created on 29-Sep-2004

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I heard that Tyler "sold"

I heard that Tyler "sold" his resignation to Ragsdale for aroun 20k, but Ragsdale refused to pay after Tyler left.

That would make me angry, too.

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Random USE of ALL caps now a substitute for ANYTHING interesting to SAY!

OK, seriously, is there nothing going on in the world today?

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Harber Missed by Ragsdale

Metropulse - Ear to Ground (8/10/06)
Tyler Redux
Someone sent an e-mail around last week purported to be from “Tyler Harber,” the former staffer for County Mayor Mike Ragsdale who resigned after an investigation of hacked emails and Harber’s computer was discovered hidden on top of a heating duct.

The email is entitled “Ragsdale Missing Me Now” and notes that Harber used to win local races on Ragsdale’s behalf, but without his services this election, all of the Ragsdale-supported candidates lost. Wheel-tax opposition leader Greg “Lumpy” Lambert beat a Ragsdale-supported candidate in the Republican primary, and a Democrat in the general election to take a seat on County Commission. Chuck James lost to County Commissioner Mark Cawood. Thomas Deakins defeated Lee Martin for the school board and state Rep. Stacy Campfield beat back a challenge by Gary Drinnen.

If I lost all my races, I probably would miss someone like Tyler Harber, too. Sad little Ragsdale. :( He has no one to beat his political enemies. I bet he is rethinking letting Harber resign.

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the vote

If Ragsdale had a more credible opponent, "Tyler" is right that Ragsdale could've lost. Most votes weren't for Hall. They were against Ragsdale.

If you had someone that was a good speaker, better educated, didn't look like a groundhog, and had 75K in money running as either a D or I, Sir Taxdale would've struggled.

Nashville is outta sight now.

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I wonder if there is a "Mike

I wonder if there is a "Mike Ragsdale for Governor" over at MySpace? Dot com's are so 5 years ago. I can see his honor wearing sunglasses and doing the "humpty hump" to some cool grove.

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qualifying petition X 2

Ragsdale rather feebly tried to make a media splash earlier this year when Mikey-Mike Arms was sent down to the election commission and asked very loudly if Ragsdale could pick up qualifying petitions for both county executive's race as well as the governor's race.

The media learned about, and obviously didn't bite. Just another flash in the pan.

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