Aug 10 2007
09:34 am
By: Catfish

two snippets from the article:

A copy of the compliance officer’s memo detailing the May 22 visits was viewed Tuesday by the News Sentinel in Fam-Sec’s file.

The file was taken to Finch’s office that night for review and was returned to the Community Development office the next morning. The memo was missing when reporters again looked at the file Wednesday.

“I looked at it because they had a question about it yesterday,” Finch said. “I didn’t pull anything out of there.”


She (Finch) also said that she does not review the grant applications or recommend them to Mayor Ragsdale.

County spokesman Dwight Van de Vate said Finch, Ragsdale, the county finance director and Mike Arms, Ragsdale’s chief of staff, discuss the community grants.

(link...) notes from inspection at Tenncorp, claiming that it was a "glorified babysitting service"

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property taxes unpaid by county employees

According to the county's property tax info, at least one former county employee (the first "bone" thrown out to hush up the public) apparently has thought that paying property taxes were optional.

Note to Ragsdale: time to clean house, turn out the lights and close the door behind you. No wonder you didn't want to be called County Executive - you cannot live up to the job title!

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Catfish apparently missed

Catfish apparently missed one more column about the county (link...)

Kay Watson at 6pm had another story on Channel 10, but no link on the web site yet.

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WBIR-TV and Shanklin

Last year, Finch's office passed $7,000 in community grants to the group. The current fiscal year shows a recommendation for the same amount.

Finch has served as treasurer in the past. She now sits on the executive committee of the group's board of directors, along with the group's president, vice president, and treasurer. The current president, Frank Shanklin, Jr., described Finch as an "alternate."

The WBIR Web site has been updated. Note the Frank Shanklin Jr. listed above. Is he related to the guy Ragsdale appointed to the Ethics Committee?

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googled it, and found this

googled it, and found this (link...) which lists Frank Shanklin Sr. as being a member. I didn't see where it says who appointed who.

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Here's a link you might want

Here's a link you might want to check out. (link...)

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Shanklin was nominated by

Shanklin was nominated by Ragsdale.

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