Mar 17 2011
01:14 pm

The NYTimes has an interactive map showing the potential track of the radioactive plume, here. Note that how far and wide this spreads is dependent on wind and weather, and as this plume spreads the radiation levels will dissipate.

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Also note that the model

Also note that the model assumes a continuous source of radioactive contamination release, and that it does not suggest any particular concentration of contamination, as indicated by the key, labeled "arbitrary units."

While the seriousness of this event should in no way be discounted, it also should not be overplayed. Even with all the contextual caveats offered, a graphic like that still gets viewed by too many people as impending doom headed for the west coast, causing them to make a run for potassium iodide tablets that they don't need.

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We'll get powers and join the Justice League

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I Want

I want to be able to shoot lightning bolts from my fingertips that create moral clarity with dynamic action solely for the public good. Then I'll go to an Ann Coulter event.

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