Apr 19 2017
01:11 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

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Our latest garden project: rabbit (and dog) proofing...

We used 10' lengths of 1/2" PVC cut into 40" pieces for the poles. We used 10' lengths of 1" PVC cut into 8" pieces for the in-ground holders. (They might cut it for you at Lowes, but you can get one of these and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.)

We looked around at fencing, netting, etc. and found these 25' rolls of 36" high plastic fencing for only $13 each at Walmart. (Yes, Walmart. Sorry.) It was the cheapest and easiest to work with that we could find.

We cut the fencing into panel sections, and attached each panel to the poles using cable zip ties. We drove the 8" holders into the ground, and inserted the poles into the in-ground holders as shown. With this setup, each panel makes a sort of gate you can easily remove to access any part of the garden.

To finish it off, we used loops of paracord to hold the tops of the poles together. You could use wire or whatever you have around. The loop goes over the top of the two adjacent poles with the loose end tied to the fencing so it won't get lost.

Year before last, rabbits ate up all our lettuce in our smaller garden. Last year we used chicken wire to protect it. It is a real pain to work with, and we were putting out a second raised garden, so we were looking for another solution to keep out the rabbits, and also keep Gracie the Schnauzer from digging in the garden and eating tomatoes. This is what we came up with. It won't keep out the squirrels, but if they become a problem there's some cheap mesh netting we can get to cover it by just draping it over the poles.



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