Jun 22 2007
06:28 am

Talk about a laugh. The Justice Department, under Alberto Gonzales, is investigating Dick Cheney and his aides for failing to comply with the laws on handling classified material. Can Gonzales still recognize a law and does Cheney care?...Oh, I see. It was a Bill Clinton law, so Cheney certainly doesn't have to follow that.

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I'm not totally up on the

I'm not totally up on the details in question here, but an Executive Order is far from being a law. It is an order, policy, or procedure the the President puts in place for his executive branch to follow. Not the public, not the courts, not the legislature.

What role does the VP fill? Well that is president of the Senate which is a legislative role. He has no powers expressed by the constitution in the executive branch of government. The President cannot fire him or remove him from office.

Not so clear as you rant!

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Don't be an idiot

Oh, too late, you're a Cheney supporter.

The Vice President is part of the Executive Branch. You and the Cheneyites might try reading about the office in the Constitution instead of repeating obviously moronic spin that pretends they can change the meaning of words to fit their anti-democratic desires.

The Vice President's occasional role as president of the Senate doesn't make him a legislator. He only has a vote in case of ties, he doesn't sit on committees, he can't submit a bill on his own, and his very office is described in Article II, the vesting of the Executive power. He works in the [expletive deleted] White House, at least when he's not at an undisclosed location (Transylvania?).

Furthermore, Executive Orders come in many forms. A huge number of them direct the Executive Branch in implementation of statutes, as is true in this case.

The Vice President is subject to law, to Executive Orders, and to the Constitution. If we didn't live in [expletive deleted] Animal Farm, that would be obvious even to watchers of Fox "News". Cheney should be called to account for his assault on the legal basis of American liberty and government.

But Dick Cheney wants to run a shadow government from beyond the reach of any light, just like the cockroach he is. So he makes these patently ridiculous claims, and his sycophant supporters nod at the absurdity as if they've always known the VP is the fourth branch of government and defend him like the fearful lemmings they are.

Liberty and justice for all.

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Very nicely put loveable liberal...

Calling him a legislator just because he can act as a tie-breaker seems pretty far fetched.

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From the White House

From the White House (.org not .gov) here is all you need to know about Darth Cheney.

Come See Us at

The Hill Online

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Executive branch funding

Rahm Emanuel to Cheney - ok, here's the logical conclusion if you're not part of the exec branch.

Sounds quite fair to me too.

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Yeah, no more Air Force 2,

Yeah, no more Air Force 2, no more Secret Service, no more office in the West Wing, no more residence at the Naval Observatory, etc. etc.

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I agree with Emanuel

When this "debate" first got going I went to the constitution & started reading.Then clicked around on the internet & found out that the debate about what the VP is & aint had been going on for 220 years.

My conclusion was Cheney could be right;the VP is not a constitutional member of the executive branch.

However,many on this blog asserted that that the VP is a constitutional member of the executive branch.

My question is,since you feel so strongly about this,is Emanuel's actions unconstitutional?

If Cheney is wrong;then Emanuel agreeing with him is wrong,also.

But I think Emanuel's hit it dead solid perfect

Folks,when your hated enemy is digging a hole
Don't take his shovel away.

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Folks,when your hated enemy

Folks,when your hated enemy is digging a hole
Don't take his shovel away.

Haha. On that we can agree!

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If the VP isn't a part of

If the VP isn't a part of the executive branch, does this mean the position of VP doesn't warrant protection from the secret service?

Adrift in the Sea of Humility

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If the VP isn't part of the

If the VP isn't part of the executive branch, it means Dick can't claim executive privilege!

what a conundrum...

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If the VP isn't part of the

If the VP isn't part of the executive branch, it means Dick can't claim executive privilege!

what a conundrum...

...but if the Secret Service is an executive branch agency and Cheney claims he is not a part of the executive branch, then does he have the right to claim their protection? It seems that anything he's done, whether it be legal or illegal, and they have witnessed it or if they have a list of everyone who has visited him, is he really able to stop them from making the information public, or is it as you claim, that I am totally confused?

"Cheney’s position is articulated in the 2004 edition of an annual government directory of senior officials known as the Plum Book:

"The vice presidency is a unique office that is neither a part of the executive branch nor a part of the legislative branch, but is attached by the Constitution to the latter. The vice presidency performs functions in both the legislative branch … and in the executive branch.""

Adrift in the Sea of Humility

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Abuse of process

Darth Cheney's bullshit rationale for exempting himself from the law is just as transparent nonsense as the $67 million dry cleaner pants lawsuit. In the abusive pants lawsuit, the presiding judge awarded some costs to the defendants. I hope he will award their legal fees, too.

Cheney is simply trying to escape oversight. Clearly, Duhbya is not up to supervising his boss and never has been - what a poser!

Not only does Cheney preside over our country, he also presides over a coup d'etat against the Constitution, executed in slow motion by the banana Republicans.

Cheney believes that all he has to do to escape the consequences of his illegal actions is to get his papers into escrow in Duhbya's presidential library. (Would he dare build a vice presidential library in recognition of his regency?) Look for even more restrictive Executive Orders on the confidentiality of presidential and vice presidential papers in Jan. 2008.

What Cheney forgets (and Duhbya is too oblivious to know) is that he is a war criminal. He (and Alberto Gonzales via David Addington) may define torture as anything short of major organ failure, but U.S. law does not, and Cheney is criminally liable for at least these crimes (along with Rummy and Duhbya).

I hope to see these SOBs in orange, and I don't mean I want them to visit Neyland Stadium. (Yeah, either one is a long shot.)

Liberty and justice for all.

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