Mar 21 2013
09:46 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Tennessee is where the Republican Party has gone to die, so it’s no surprise that every backwards, outmoded, regressive idea is embraced here. We’re the nation’s political short bus.
Southern Beale

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And everybody said, "Amen".

And everybody said, "Amen".

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The rotten corpse is going to

The rotten corpse is going to be really, really stinky! There goes the property values.

Oh, and Amen.

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So be it.

So be it.

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Speaking of backwards..


And that's Oak Ridge.

From medicine, to economics, to climate to everything else science – this story gives a glimpse to what we can expect in the future. And the future looks dark. As in the Dark Ages.

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I begin to believe that

I begin to believe that climate change is gonna get the human race anyway. Most days I'm actually glad I don't have children.

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Climate change is like no challenge in human history

That's my view, which is why I dwell on it. Though I'm also starting to see how we could be doomed in other ways. Drug resistant super viruses, drones run amok, asteroids, (of course) rogue nukes, and the list goes on. The world has become more interdependent and faster paced and so an instability of one of these problems could more easily feed on others in chaotic fashion.

We could try to address the real and serious issues that we know we can solve, though, instead of the distractions and endless noise.

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We could try to address the

We could try to address the real and serious issues that we know we can solve, though, instead of the distractions and endless noise.

"Try" for the current core of the GOP = prayer

"Try" for everybody else = relying on scientific understanding and principles

Trying isn't the problem. The GOP has been trying for years to pray "gay" away.

The problem is a partially stupid populace has elected some very stupid people to tackle some very serious issues.

To that end the GOP wins, prayer is all we're left with. I guess atheist will just have to cross their fingers.

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Maybe we all get AR-15s for the zombie threat

"Try" didn't belong there anyway; it was redundant. I'm glad I misused it, though, so you could knock that big softball out of the park. Well done.

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I'll have to do some

I'll have to do some analyzation on that one...

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That buffoons me

That buffoons me.

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