Feb 12 2013
09:34 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Sen. Thelma Harper (D-Nashville): ...with this year's session only just beginning "the first thing we're doing is talking about guns. There has to be another way."

(Source: Jeff Woods article on state senate passage of guns in trunks bill.)

SEE ALSO: Lt. Gov. Ramsey laughs off VW concerns, says they could move to Mexico (by way of Out of the Blue Daily Buzz).

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Senate bill SB 0142,

Senate bill SB 0142, sponsored by Republican Ron Ramsey, passed by a large majority yesterday, 28-5. Two Democratic senators voted to pass the bill, Ophelia Ford and Lowe Finney, both from West Tennessee. The five remaining Democratic senators voted against passage of the bill, Burks, Harper, Henry, Kyle, and Tate.

Ford and Finney initially voted against the bill. Their votes changed after the bill was amended. The amendment added that property owners will not be responsible for theft of firearms stored in the vehicle and the the Dept. of Safety will set forth rules allowing property owners (business entity, employer, owner, manager, or legal possessor of property) to continue to prohibit firearms in parking lots.

Opt out, not in.

What are the odds the TN House will pass the bill?

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What are the odds the TN

What are the odds the TN House will pass the bill?


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What are the odds of our

What are the odds of our profile in courage Governor vetoing the bill?

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1% he will veto, 50% he will

1% he will veto, 50% he will not sign it and let it slip into law anyway, 100% he will be overridden if he does veto it.

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The Chattanooga Times Free

The Chattanooga Times Free Press Headline reads "State Senate Passes Guns in Parking Lots Bill", the KNS headline "Haslam Back as Pilot CEO".

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I do agree with your overall

I do agree with your overall assessment. My problem is what this bill does to he future prospects of jobs in our state.

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In six minutes yesterday the

In six minutes yesterday the majority of the eight member TN House Civil Justice subcommittee voted to pass House (HB 0118) guns in parking lots bill. Democratic Rep. Sherry Jones, Nashville, is the only member to vote no. Democratic Rep. Mike Stewart, Nashville, is also on the subcommittee. There is no indication if he voted.

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Check out front page article

Check out front page article in todays Chattanooga Times Free Press title "Guns-in-parking lot bill won't protect workers' jobs". According to this article the Senate-passed bill doesn't protect permit holders from Tennessee's existing "at will" employment law. That law allows employers to fire, suspend or discipline workers for any reason, good or bad, or for no reason at all.

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