Jan 20 2013
10:25 am
By: redmondkr  shortURL

On the birthday of George Burns (1896 - 1996):

"Too bad that all the people that know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair."

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Maryville needs some cab drivers!

In today's Daily Times, 01-22-13, on page two, there is an article concerning recycling in Maryville.

They report that too many people are using the Centers so therefore they are going to reduce the number of locations. What a brilliant idea! Also, they are discussing a proposal to hire three guards at a cost of $270,000 ($90,000 per year for each guard) to make sure county residents are not using the centers. My question is: How does one apply for these $90,000 jobs?

The articles states that a private company is providing the recycling service to the city at no cost. I don't understand the comment from one city councilman that "If we can't scale it back to what we can afford, then we don't need to be doing it". The city mayor was quoted as saying the city "can't afford the cost". What is the cost if a private company is providing the service free? Is the city receiving money for the recycled materials? At the volume they are reporting, there should be some income.

The county is currently the major financial supporter of the Blount County landfill even though county residents have to pay for private garbage pickup service. The county pays more than the cities on every joint venture that the three governments are involved in together. The county needs some officials that can standup to the cities and bargain a better agreement for the county residents.

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