May 7 2011
03:19 pm

I just visited Archer's BBQ for the first time and wanted to share some initial impressions. This isn't a full-on review, since I've only been there once, and I've only tried their ribs. I'll do a full review at some point in the future, after I've had a chance to visit a few more times and try their other dishes.

For now, here's the short version:

Thumbs up! Yum!

Slightly longer version:

The ribs were succulent, smoky, and so tender they fell off the bone. A half rack with two sides was $14.99.

This is a Memphis-style BBQ, but served with your choice of six different sauces, each maintaining the integrity of its origins: Memphis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Carolina Mustard, Carolina Vinegar, and their Original sauce.

I tried all six sauces. The Memphis is a little sweet, not spicy, and a little smoky. The Original is pretty much a Memphis-style sauce, but spicier than the one labeled Memphis. My personal favorites were the Original, the St. Louis, and the Carolina Vinegar.

Their hush puppies are excellent, bite-sized little morsels of perfectly done corn meal goodness. Loved 'em.

I'll definitely be back.

The restaurant is located at 11151 Kingston Pike.

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