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second link is not working

second link is not working

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It's supposed to be

It's supposed to be gofccyourself.com. That link will automatically redirect you to the correct spot on the FCC website, bypassing several steps ostensibly created by the Administration as obfuscatorial roadblocks to prevent an onslaught of pro net-neutrality comments.

Once you follow the link, I believe you just have to click on "new filing" or "express" and fill in the form. I think "express" is for if your comment is going to be brief.

Also, it's probably worth taking the time to follow the first link at the top of this thread and listen to John Oliver's explanation first. There's some nuance to this, and a comment that reflects that is probably worth more than a generic "net neutrality is good" comment.

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Net neutrality and John Oliver part 2

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FCC votes to move forward with net neutrality rollback

The Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 on Thursday to move forward with a proposal to roll back net neutrality protections. The rules were put in place by the agency during the Obama administration to keep the Internet open and fair.

FCC votes to move forward with net neutrality rollback

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