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Thank you

Yes, past time. And also within the counties. Having two major interstates going through a major city creates a mess. Reducing commuter traffic would really help. I've been pushing carpooling, park-and-ride lots, HOV lanes, and any other alternatives and can't find much support. Let's keep speaking out.

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But when you get there

you still pretty much need a car to get anywhere....

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That's why local transit is

That's why local transit is needed as well, like Franklin's transit authority.

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But paying for it remains unlikely. As long as public officials think the less the government does, the better, we have a problem!

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You are correct. I am

You are correct.

I am curious how Franklin/Nashville got this going/funded. According to the website, "Funding for these programs is made possible by the U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration and Federal Highway Administration, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and fares paid for services."

It would appear that fares do not cover much of the cost since it was reported they have 62,000 riders a year and the fare price cost 50 cents to $1.00.

The TMA Group "is the regional leader in customizing alternative transportation solutions for employers and communities. Our operational and management programs includes a regional vanpool program, Franklin's Urban Transit Service, the Clean Air Partnership of Williamson County, (coming) the Middle Tennessee Center for Transportation Excellence."

Thus, they have a big picture for public transportation in the Franklin/Middle TN area.

I just wish there could be someone/group that could form to obtain these kinds of funds for this type of project in Blount County.

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