Feb 5 2013
08:03 am

SB1153 by Sen. Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) enacts the "Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act." The House bill is HB0883 sponsored by Rep. Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville).

This bill would establish a mechanism for private entities to propose, finance, build and operate public infrastructure projects such as government buildings, schools and highways, and to collect payments and fees from users or the government in return.

Similar legislation with nearly identical language was recently passed in Texas. The bills appear to be based on Virginia's program which was passed in 2002. The Federal Highway Administration, the National Conference of State Legislatures and several large consulting firms are promoting this as a way to leverage limited state funds. According to the NCSL, 29 states have similar programs for transportation projects.

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Letting the Market Drive Transportation

From Washington Post ...

They and other political appointees have spent the latter part of President Bush's two terms laboring behind the scenes to shrink the federal role in road-building and public transportation. They have also sought to turn highways into commodities that can be sold or leased to private firms and used by motorists for a price

Letting the Market Drive Transportation

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"Of course this should be the

"Of course this should be the model for monetary efficiency and for getting projects completed on time", said no Chapman Highway merchant ever.

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Can anyone say High Occupancy

Can anyone say High Occupancy Toll Lane?

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For a bunch of limited government Republicans,

not sure how this is supposed to achieve their goals.

Using an example of the privitazation of prisons popular since the 1980's, the future looks bleak; (link...)

For those using the infrastructure anyway. For those building it, and buying the politicians to get to build it, the future looks pretty rich.

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Yes, I can't wait for toll roads and other forms of regressive taxation. I've always wanted to be nickel and dimed at every turn, but the public sector just crowded out all of those innovative entrepreneurs and their collaborative, synergistic energy. This will surely lead Tennessee toward a prosperous future, just like right to work laws. Right?

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Weren't those electricians at

Weren't those electricians at the Super Bowl "right-to-workers?"

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