Jan 18 2021
04:35 pm
By: R. Neal

Pruitt fired for cause (NCCA violations), Fulmer retiring as AD.


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Not surprised about Pruitt.

Not surprised about Pruitt. I'd retire if I was Fulmer. He's not taking the program anywhrre good.

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Who made the decision to fire

Who made the decision to fire Pruitt? Meaning the person(s) responsible.

And who are the person(s) that initiated the internal investigation that lead to the firing?

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Chancellor Plowman fired him after receiving and investigating a tip from what she referred to as a reliable source.

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Also, after she got a report

Also, after she got a report from the high-dollar lawyers they hired to do an internal investigation. She called the violations alleged in the report "stunning" and "shocking." My guess is Fulmer was given a choice to retire or be fired. He didn't seem too happy at the press conference.

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You have to admit, my idea of

You have to admit, my idea of using Neyland stadium for a homeless camp is looking better and better all the time

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... or a vaccination site.

... or a vaccination site.

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