May 14 2014
08:34 am
By: Treehouse  shortURL

This is why I quit as a mentor for Tennessee Achieves (after three years) to protest the new Tennessee Promise.


It's the taxpayers who are picking up the tab for free tuition at Pellissippi State (and other two-year colleges and technical schools) including the 10% increase next year because the state is not funding higher education as it should. I am not convinced this is what is best for the students, especially the many who need remedial classes and can't graduate in two years.

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Starting on the roof before the foundation is built

Want to create good students?

Give them healthcare. Give their parents healthcare so they can have the time to help guide them. Don't tell them french fries are a vegetable, instead give them real food. Don't sell their public system off to the highest private bidders. Give their teachers autonomy to teach them based on need, not based on tests. Don't downplay the arts in their educational experience. Encourage apprenticeships and outside the classroom experiences.

There are lots of things one can do to create good students before they reach the age of 18. But that assumes one wants good students and not just cheap laborers.

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Everybody wants to have a good public education sytem...

...but nobody wants to pay.

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and this with little understanding of what the private "reformers" are going to cost them.

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But doesn't everybody want a little free money from the government? Of course if it's healthcare or anything Demmicrats are behind, it's not free; it's wasteful deficit spending.

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