May 30 2018
04:11 pm

Printshop Beer Co. is gearing up to open a location at 1513 Island Home Avenue.

Printshop Beer Co. coming to South Knoxville

Printshop Beer Co.

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Think that address is wrong.

Think that address is wrong. Looks like it's further up the street around where Tidewater used to be.

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They need another beer joint

They need another beer joint down there?

R. Neal's picture

Beer joints.

Beer joints. Meh. These guys are poseurs. Back in the day there were at least three, maybe four along this same stretch.

Jimmy's Tavern, Dot 'n Ann's, the one down by Buck Giffin's that was so shady I don't remember the name but is now Trailhead.

They had two kinds of craft beer on tap. Pabst and Budweiser. Served in frozen mugs.

There were resident bookies. There were illegal gambling devices. There were candidates hanging out on election day handing out half pints. There were fights and occasional stabbings.

THOSE were beer joints.

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The biker bar where Trailhead is now used to be the Vol-n-Beer. They never beat me up when I went there. They were good people.

R. Neal's picture

Wasn't that the place some

Wasn't that the place some dude tried to rob and got beat up by patrons and ended up in the hospital?

jmcnair's picture

With duct tape.

fischbobber's picture

Could be.

I've got a weakness for a weakness for dive bars though. They help me work on my etiquette. Any time I don't get my ass whipped, I feel like I'm making progress.

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