Jan 16 2013
05:00 pm

Let me be the first KV-er to report that sandwich fixins', canned soups, boxed cheap plonk, and, more importantly, kibbles and treats are laid in for the predicted weather event Thursday evening.

Heads up out there!

Tamara Shepherd's picture


Just back from Cork and Bottle, where we get 10% off wines on Wednesdays, and found brie half price at Kroger.

I'm snug as a bug, too.

redmondkr's picture

The liquor store at

The liquor store at Cumberland Estates has 10% off on Mondays, the one at West Haven on Tuesdays, and the Cork & Bottle on Wednesdays.

Sucha Deal!

And the ladies at Scotties won't deliver even on sunny days so I have to plan ahead.

bizgrrl's picture

We have the kibbles and

We have the kibbles and treats. We have the liquor. I'm thinking we'll get by with our canned goods. However, I have yet to make one of those coffee can stoves recommended by Tamara. We do have a Coleman stove that hasn't been used in about 20 years. Just looked and Coleman fuel is still on the market.

If it really snows nicely, I'm going to make a dog sculpture out of snow instead of a snow man. Wish me luck.

Mello's picture

Good Luck!

Good Luck! I look forward to the photos!

Tamara Shepherd's picture


No, no, Biz--the coffee can stove I recommended specifically for "post-trib," after those little cans of Coleman propane become unavailable!

Seriously, if you've got a Coleman propane stove, I wouldn't sweat it.

If you should choose to hammer out a little tin can stove, though, I should also explain how to make that Buddy Burner fuel source from a tuna can.

You cut out a strip of corrugated cardboard about an inch wide and 12 or so inches long, roll it up into a coil, then drop it into the tuna can, allowing it to unfurl a bit in the can. Next, you pour melted paraffin (or kids' broken crayons) into the tuna can, filling the can almost to its brim, and set it aside to let the wax harden.

After the wax has hardened and won't spill, you light the burner by touching your match to any point on the rolled-up corrugated cardboard strip, which acts as a wick.

Ta da!

redmondkr's picture

I have just taught Faith to

I have just taught Faith to use the newly re-installed dog door to the back yard (Lulu is too big to squeeze through it). I'll have half the snow that falls and most of the later mud in my kitchen floor.

Speaking of Coleman stoves, one of my Flickr contacts who is just back from Afghanistan is an avid backpacker. He recently posted this photo of his new backpacking stove. It has a USB port on it and generates power to charge your cell phone as you cook.

It's like the barber said, "What will they think of . . . . Next?"

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