Dec 15 2006
11:39 am

The Knox County Commission is set to vote Monday on $7.5 million in funding for the controversial Midway project. Which may be premature, because there is pending litigation (PDF format) to stop the project.

Read the press release from a community group opposing the project after the jump...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 15th, 2006

DONNA BOHON – 932-2663
KARA WILSON – 254-8421
DAVID BUUCK – 544-0027

Knox County Commission will vote Monday, December 18th on a resolution
to advance $7.5 million dollars to the Industrial Development Board of
Knox County to begin funding the controversial Midway Road industrial
park in East Knox County.

The site of the proposed industrial park is the subject of a lawsuit
filed in Chancery Court by dozens of residents who sued the Knox County
Commission and the Metropolitan Planning Commission in August of 2006,
alleging that the property was improperly rezoned to accommodate the
industrial use. The suit asks the Court to overturn the rezoning because
it violates the adopted East County Sector Plan and asks for an
injunction preventing Knox County and MPC from issuing any building
permits on the property until the suit is settled.

Donna Bohon, president of the 8th District Preservation Association, a
community group which has led the fight against the industrial park,
said, “I hope Knox County Commission will not be giving the IDB an early
Christmas present this year with our tax dollars. It is not an
appropriate use of taxpayer money to fund a project that is currently in
litigation, at a time when dollars are so scarce that we are thinking of
asking county residents to begin paying fees to use county waste


knoxnative's picture

What a Waste

Where is all the money coming from unless we are heading for a tax increase? Not only do we have the unfunded $57 million sheriff's pension that taxpayers must find the money for somewhere, we also have over $30 million for an ill-conceived industrial park to pay for. I doubt that $30 million will touch it because there are going to be all kinds of environmental problems on that site. Not to mention the on-going lawsuit where the Midway residents have sued Knox County Commission and MPC - more money for the lawyers and less for the schools.

Number9's picture

Turn in to KnoxViews later

Turn in to KnoxViews later this evening for YouTube exclusives of the Knox County Commission meeting where common sense was thrown out the door and machine politics voted in the worst idea in recent memory, the Midway Industrial Park.


Mayor Mike Ragsdale

Mike Edwards of the Super Duper Chamber

Various County Commissioners in support roles

A review from the "Peckersnot Times" calls it mesmerising, a tour de force of comedy and drama. Mike Edwards gives the performance of a lifetime. Two thumbs way up for the "Chamber Players". Mayor Mike Ragsdale could do Hamlet, his dramatic depth is astounding.

StaceyDs Cat's picture

This is being passed and

This is being passed and emailed around all over the place from the 1180AM radio station's guest book:

A Christmas Tune sang to the tune Of "Frosty The Snowman"

Mike-ee the mayor,
Acts like a democrat.
He'll raise your tax
And if you object,
He goes on the attack.

Oh Mike-ee the mayor,
Never met a tax he did'nt like.
If it was too low
He'd say go go go,
Give it another hike.

Oh Mike-ee the mayor,
Has 12 commissioners on the ropes.
They all vote his way
No matter what we say,
'Cause he thinks that we're all dopes.

Oh Mike-ee the mayor,
Wanted a brand new li-bra-ry.
But when there was a fuss,
He wanted a place for a bus,
But the the vote would not car-ry.

So Mike-ee the mayor,
Went down to Farragut.
He promised a school
Knowing he could fool,
And his wheel tax he would get!

My apology to democrats for associating mayor Mike-ee with you. Please feel free to add additional verses.
2006-12-14 12:06:22, D. Wood,, Knox county

Number9's picture

Cowards who refuse debate, the "Ragsdale Players", call them

Has anything done by Mayor Mike Ragsdale and the “Ragsdale Players” been as cowardly as this move to have a surprise vote in Knox County Commission on the Midway Industrial Park?

How can you have a vote on a public project when there is a legitimate law suit that has been filed? Is that not malpractice?

If you want to see exactly how cowardly the Mayor and the “Ragsdale Players” are tune in to the clip below.

Only on Knoxviews and Say Uncle, the Halls Shopper News, and AM 1180 has the real truth about the Midway Industrial Park been told. I will post in ten minute segments the Knox County Commission meeting so you the taxpayers can see with your own eyes the hypocrisy and complete ignorance and reluctance to follow the existing statutes and ordinances of both Tennessee State law and the Knox County Charter.

Mayor Ragsdale made a very big deal out of how much the Pension Plan for the Sheriff’s Department would cost. But has he told the taxpayers that the Midway Industrial Park will cost more than the 57 million dollar pension plan? No, he has not and he should been held accountable for his political hypocrisy.

After you watch these clips if you feel you the taxpayers have been betrayed then call your local Knox County Commissioner. The list of numbers is here.

For the complete story check out

Number9's picture

Attorney David Buuck reminds

Attorney David Buuck reminds and chastises Knox County Commission and MPC on the subject of State Law and Knox County ordinances.

The people of Thorn Grove are being railroaded. So are Knox County taxpayers. Take a few minutes and see for yourself.

The meeting is 2:00 PM Monday at the City County Building.

Number9's picture

Mike Edwards give his performance

When our Knox County Property taxes go up remember the Midway Industrial Park. This will be Ragsdale's "Farmer Market". The boondoggle of his two terms.

Here is Mike Edwards giving a mediocre performance explaining why the Midway Industrial Park site is the Cats Meow.

and more from Mike Edwards:

rikki's picture

What is the purpose of this

What is the purpose of this $7.5M? Is it for design and site planning or for road and sewer upgrades or what? Will it get the county on the hook financially so commissioners will feel obligated to approve future funding requests, or will it get the county on the hook physically as well, by breaking ground on land that residents are hoping to preserve?

I might as well remind everyone that the Midway site was chosen by The Development Corporation for its potential to open up most of East Knox County to development after the road and sewer upgrades to support an industrial park are in place.

Number9's picture

What is the purpose of this

What is the purpose of this $7.5M? Is it for design and site planning or for road and sewer upgrades or what? Will it get the county on the hook financially so commissioners will feel obligated to approve future funding requests, or will it get the county on the hook physically as well, by breaking ground on land that residents are hoping to preserve?

It is just a backroom way to seal the deal. I guess if the money is spent the lawsuit must be dismissed.

Don't expect much real debate on the Midway Industrial Park. They will give the Thorn Grove people a half an hour and then vote 14 to 5 for approval, if it is that close. Unless a injunction is filed in court this will be the death knell for Thorn Grove.

Que Phil Guthe, "call for the question". That means shut up and vote.

It's a done deal, a lot of people tried but not even the lawsuit can stop the "Ragsdale Players". Attorney Buuck has filed a good lawsuit but will it matter?

You correct that the Midway Industrial Park is just a Trojan Horse for taxpayer funded sewer and road upgrades. In ten years Thorn Grove will be like West Knoxville.

The way they are doing this sneak attack shows what cowards they really are.

Tune in at 2:00 PM and watch a community die.

Sandra Clark's picture

Watch a community die

A really sad aspect is the betrayal by MPC staff of their sector plan. It's one thing to get steamrolled on rezoning by politicians. That happens frequently.

What happened here is The Development Corporation asked/hired/whatever the MPC staff to locate a suitable site. With total disregard for their own plan, they selected Midway. -- s.

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