Mar 14 2017
07:13 am

Jimmy Waters, a math teacher at Powell High School, has decoded an encrypted message that Adobe has been displaying from atop their headquarters building for nearly five years.

Hint: It's not a text message.

Instead of accepting the prize himself, he requsted that Adobe donate software and a 3D printer to Powell High School.

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bizgrrl's picture

Pretty darn cool! Powell High

Pretty darn cool!

Powell High School and KCS should be very proud.

R. Neal's picture

I can imagine the Silicon

I can imagine the Silicon Valley watercooler conversations.

"Hey did you hear? Somebody cracked the San Jose Semaphore."

"Oh yeah? Who was it?"

"Some guy from Knoxville, Tennessee. "

"Wait, what?"

bizgrrl's picture

Jimmy "Waters was Maryville

Jimmy "Waters was Maryville High School’s valedictorian in 2005 and received a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University, where he graduated with a double major in mathematics and philosophy. He earned his teaching credentials from Maryville College, student taught at MHS and currently is a math teacher at Powell High School."

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