Mar 20 2017
08:11 pm

Much has been said here about the decline of Ruby Tuesday. No need to rehash all that.

But tonight we were making homemade quiche and French onion soup (well, mostly homemade, with some assists).

It occurred to us that this used to be one of our favorite meals at the old Ruby Tuesday. We recalled how you could still order it off the menu for a while after they started expanding and messing with their winning formula.

It was a sad day the last time we asked for it, after the corporate suits had taken over, and their hipster servers talking on their iPhones while ignoring you didn't even know what it was, or anything about the restaurant's history or their first location off Cumberland Ave.

Anyway, things change, time marches on. Now Ruby Tuesday is circling the drain and looking for a buyer, who will likely run it even further into the ground. Very sad.

At least our quiche and French onion soup was pretty great tonight.

jmcnair's picture

Minnesota Fats burger. :-(

Minnesota Fats burger. :-(

fischbobber's picture

English Muffins

With oversized Burgers, steak fries and big crunchy onion rings.

bizgrrl's picture

Smoked oysters on the salad

Smoked oysters on the salad bar.

fischbobber's picture

It almost sounds like........

We're putting together a great concept for a restaurant!

Tess's picture


We love the Harriman RT. Good food and good service. And, jobs.

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