Jan 5 2018
07:57 am

The new Trump White House tell-all out today (which was the #1 best seller before it was even published) says that "Some thought him dyslexic; certainly his comprehension was limited. Others concluded that he didn’t read because he didn’t have to, and that in fact this was one of his key attributes as a populist. He was postliterate -- total television."

As incredible as it sounds, it's apparently true. A reporter at Politico watched Fox and Friends so we didn't have to and correlated Trump's tweet storms to topics mentioned on the show:

I’ve Studied the Trump-Fox Feedback Loop for Months. It’s Crazier Than You Think. "After pulling up and watching a recording of the previous few minutes of Fox News, my hunch was confirmed: The president was live-tweeting the network’s coverage."

So basically, Trump doesn't trust any of his advisers, his intelligence agencies, his cabinet or anyone else other than Fox and Friends. They are Trump's real cabinet and they are guiding US policy. We are doomed.

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Troubling information.

Troubling information. Troubling president. Troubling times.

"The Emperor's New Clothes" is a short tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about two weavers who promise an emperor a new suit of clothes that they say is invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent - while in reality, they make no clothes at all, making everyone believe the clothes are invisible to them. When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new "clothes", no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally, a child cries out, "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

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noticed that too

Of the 4 TV's in front of the exercise machines, one is always on Fox. So, several times a week I get to "read" Fox News and the coordination should be obvious to a casual observer. I speculate however that the coordination is done with help from Kelly Ann Conway, Trump's "Counselor" Se voiced some of the most unhinged and vicious comments after the election. She and Trump speak essentially the same voice. One of the main goals of this propaganda is to keep the base's adrenalin pumping. The Nazis have taken the streets before and Trump and Co. knows they can get them to do it again if Trump's position gets too shaky.

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Relentlessly organize

He's a feature not a bug. Not only is he dangerously unfit but so is the national GOP. See the party's aquiescence, its submission. See Nunes, Ryan, Corker, Blackburn...

Politically defeating him, those who support him and the attendant propaganda network will take sustained, strategic effort and collaboration over multiple elections and lifetimes. It will take those who are watching but haven't yet engaged. Make phone calls, donate to candidates here and elsewhere, attend organizing meetings, attend socials, sit in a tub of hot water, relax, but don't be the frog.

If there was ever a time to not be divided it's now.

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Nunes blatant actions as

Nunes blatant actions as chairman of House Intelligence committee catering to Trump are extreme to me. It looks like he should at least be investigated, and removed from the committee.

It is big time news to me but seems to get little play. Maybe because there is so much going on each day it gets obscured.

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Devin Nunes news: Ryan sides

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Terrifying week for America

In just the last two days, the chair of the US Senate Judiciary Committee has made a criminal referral against a UK citizen who dug up dirt on Trump, the US Justice Department has opened or re-opened investigations in to Hilary Clinton's email and the Clinton Foundation at the behest of Donald Trump, and the Speaker of the House has backed up Devin Nunes' fishing expedition into the work product of an FBI investigation.

This is Banana Republic 101.

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haha. I can't believe you

haha. I can't believe you idiots are actually falling for that ridiculous book. And no one much can hear you over the sound of a booming economy. And wait until they get their tax cut pay raises in February.

I mean come on you freaking loonatics. That guy even admitted that his book could not be taken as completely true. They are literally selling books over Trump derangement syndrome. He is absolutely 100% getting reelected.

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haha. I can't believe you

So, if anyone wants to remark that Conway and Trump's voices in Trump's tweets are interchangiable, let me point out that Anonomyous speaks in Trumps' voice right down to """He (I'm) is absolutely 100% getting re-elected."!!!! If it is the medias objective to really smear hen this blog and everyone would be directing their readers to the long running blog DailyKos:


As someone who has thumbed through countless Clinton, Kennedy and Obama bashing books over the years, I think I can read the Trump bashing book for what it is, not that I will read it. I suggest you just suck it up, bitch. Go back to reading "Clinton Cash"

And that booming economy? The multinational I work for is exporting 350 jobs to Mexico as I type. The announcement came as they announced increases to our health insurance and other take backs that zeroed out our 30 cent an hour raises. The company has installed a 4 tier pay scale with 2nd tier hired in at 2 dollars less an hour and long term contractor s and short term temps under that. Older workers on the old scale are going out the door during the Mexico move. Yes, management paints arosy picture of the jobs that will be created as we add lines creating a more profitable product.

Oh, the Trump supporters that were swaggering around for the last 18 months? The swagger is gone. They are complaining about Obama's shadow government and claiming Clinton needs to go to prison. Theres a dumb ass posting on here and its not me or any of the Knox Views followers. Anon reminds me o Tillman Goins

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