During several fairly recent discussions (the past couple of months or so, and I'm too lazy to go back and find the links at this moment) on the local Democratic Party, there was some "concern" that local dems should "not have a purity test" and "allow all" that want to, come to the party. Well, Amitai Etzioni has written a wonderful article that directly explains why that is total hooey, and should NOT happen.

But it also reflects the sad but true fact that the dynamics of American politics cannot be understood in terms of Democrats vs. Republicans. Party labels aside, the nation is still being ruled by what I call a majority “conservative party.”

Now, while Etzioni limits his discussion to Social Security, guns and FISA, the conservative/liberal divide encompasses every topic federal lawmakers discuss. And, local lawmakers. Why would we want a "conservative" dem, just because they sport the letter "D" after their name? Or, is that what we, in east TN, are reduced to voting for the "D" just because that letter appears after someone's name?

Of course, this article discounts the idea that the democratic party is actually liberal, but that's another discussion.


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