Feb 24 2013
06:19 pm

Hey folks, this is a personal appeal. My niece (in NY) and her friend co-founded a fabulous organization/Foundation. (You will be hearing more about them in the coming months from me).

I have a closing later this week, and will be donating a % to help Lisa get to Shanghai, to present a workshop at EARCOS (East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools)

My niece and her co-founder have put together a fabulous Foundation,Know my World, bringing kids from around the world together, sharing their lives and experiences.

If any teachers are interested in participating in the Sharability Project, or in an exchange, please let me know (in pm), I would be happy to get you hooked up!

In the meantime, if you can spare a few dollars to help her get to Shanghai to make their presentation at EARCOS, I would truly appreciate it!

whoops! Here's the nlik to donate to get Lisa and Genevieve to Shanghai.


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