CNet has a look inside Domino's Super Bowl "war room," where "network operations, server administrators, network engineers, site reliability engineers, front-end developers, back-end developers, director of infrastructure, director of development, VP of global infrastructure, VP of online ordering development, VP of store operations, VP of POS development" plus the CIO, CFO and CEO monitor game day pizza delivery systems and operations.

According to a press release, Domino's anticipated delivering 11 million pizza slices and 2.5 million chicken wings nationwide on game day, and that delivery drivers would cover the equivalent of more than 300 round trips from San Francisco to Baltimore.

And judging from a quick google search, reporting on the technology behind delivering gobs of dough and fat is becoming an annual tradition.

In related news, Oreo set up their own "war room" to monitor social media trends during the game, and seized the moment to score what was apparently a big social media win by creating and tweeting a power failure related ad message during the game delay. According to an ad executive, "You need a brave brand to approve content that quickly."

The result of that courageous social media effort was getting 12,000 people to re-tweet their message. (As compared to the 100,000,000 people who saw their commercial on TV.)

Other companies had similar social media operations.

The end times are near, my friends. The news of the Apocalypse will be delivered to your smartphone notification bar.

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I confess to ordering a Domino's pizza after the game started. I had no other food in the house I swear. I ordered online, could watch the preparation steps, and was notified of the time the delivery car left the store. I knew the name of the prep person at the store and the delivery driver. It arrived within 30 minutes as promised. It was hot. Taste was average, but just as good or better than local non-corporate pizzerias here. I could give instant feedback to the store online. Regardless of what you think of corporate pizza and pizza politics, Domino's has mastered customer service for pizza delivery.

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Sounds like all that

Sounds like all that technology is paying off!

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Say what you will...

...that Oreo tweet was pretty clever.

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I'm impressed by the technology

I don't eat Koch Brothers pizza (or Pappa John's either) but I forgive the hungry. We have a killer pizzeria in Kingston but she doesn't deliver. Socially she's very nice.

Since I figured out how to make my own sauce and flat bread crust, it's way too easy to make my own.

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Norfolk Southern had a

Norfolk Southern had a Facebook Post bragging that they deliver power (presumably via their unit coal trains) to NOLA.

"While you enjoy the Super Bowl, we would like to remind you that our employees and trains are helping to power your TVs, projectors, blenders, slow cookers, ice machines and yes, even the lights at the Superdome in New Orleans."

Bill Maher reminds us that the power outage was 'brought to you by non union electricians in a right-to-work state'.

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