Sep 11 2012
05:29 pm

Local media is lit up with the big news that Pilot has named PepsiCo president John Compton as CEO.

(Or, as Reuters put it, Compton is leaving PepsiCo to become the CEO of a truck stop operator.)

Which brings immediately to mind the infamous hiring of John Sculley to head up Apple.

Except, Pilot is no Apple. And a former PepsiCo executive might be a good fit for a gas, beer, cigs, carbs and lotto enterprise. Should be right up in his wheelhouse. And he probably won't be firing any founding executives.

Tess's picture

Which came first--the chicken or the egg

So, I wonder if Jimmy is moving to Cleveland?

EconGal's picture

When you have a Citation jet, it dont matter where you live

You've never been to Cleveland, obviously.

Just joking. Mostly.

This is about prepping the company for an IPO. Big Jim is no longer the ideal profile of a NYSE board chair. And the trend is clearly toward separating the chair and president's roles. This, along with several other moves in the last 3 years, sets things up nicely for a multi-billion dollar public offering. Compton is a serious guy who Wall Street will well recieve.

R. Neal's picture

This is about prepping the

This is about prepping the company for an IPO.

That's the most logical thing I've heard all week, so far.

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P.S. it might also explain

P.S. it might also explain the apparent reluctance in Congress to fix and/or enhance the Chickamauga lock or invest in expanding rail freight capacity around the South.

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