Jul 14 2014
01:40 pm

$92 million in penalties over the next two years, no further prosecution.


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And in other news....

Terrel Williams, 20, reached an agreement with Judge R. J. Mathis to retun $4.52 of the $227 he obtained when he robbed the 7-11 on Exeter Street last March. "Terrel is interested in putting this terrible episode behind him," Mathis said from the bench last Thursday.

.... said no news story ever.

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Quite the opposite of serious

In a news release, U.S. Attorney Bill Killian said that “The terms of this agreement, including the significant monetary penalty and the very serious consequences if Pilot fails to comply, demonstrate quite clearly that no corporation, no matter how big, influential, or wealthy, is above the law..."

No Bill. No it doesn't.

A company with $20billion in annual revenue just got dinged for less than a percent of said revenue.

The government just bought a plane.

Tin-hat on; Nothing but gut, no evidence, tells me not to be surprised to see state movement on healthcare.

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Further prosecution

The agreement does not mean no further prosecution for, "current and former" Pilot personnel, according to the memorandum of understanding, and the Pilot board must "cooperate fully" in "ongoing investigations."
Just to clarify

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The headline does a

The headline does a disservice to that fact.

Still a pittance.

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Cleveland headline is better journalism - $92 million fine


Tennessean get fine number and no prosecution in the headline.


The KNS is a shill for Pilot Flying J and all things Haslam and to have to write a headline that involves a Haslam related entity causes them great concern, difficulty, and hesitation.

Hate to see the KNS continuing to play favorites and water down stories and omit the pertinent details, didn't even both to build a link to the actual memorandum agreement and didn't bother to point out the fact that the memorandum was signed by Big Jim, not Jimmy "Football" Haslam.

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Maybe you saw the breaking version. This fuller story complete with links to the documents was posted at 1:09 p.m. Josh Flory is continuing to gather more throughout the day so the story will be updated again.

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And the headline still says

"won't be prosecuted."

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Media Coverage

The Sentinel has never adapted to being the sole daily newspaper in Knoxville. They have let advertisers dictate their coverage and they haven't paid well enough, nor reached far enough into the community for talent, to develop a pool of writers able to give them a broad scope of coverage on anything. Chas. Smith developed talent.

That being said, there are a few bright spots. I truly enjoyed working with Scott Barker and can honestly say the guy is a master editor. I wish he was given a freer range and a budget. Georgina Vines still gets it and Venable's still getting hits. Their reporting is mostly understaffed and many of the complaints you see about them are directly related to that.

Their problem lies in the corporate structure in which they operate and the associated upper management disconnect that brings with their reading audience. The idea that someone trying to save $0.50 cents a pound on chicken or $0.30 on a pack of hotdogs wouldn't be interested in the nuts and bolts of the ACA or Social Security reform, or real breakdowns of the national budget or any number of topics that should be covered in depth in an ongoing and regular interval is just stupid. The Sentinel has to provide its own competition, therefore it must provide in-depth access to local politics and issues of daily concern. It simply doesn't, nor has it ever operated in this manner.

I'm not convinced that this is a moral issue, I tend to think, rather, that it is just a shitty business plan. If they want the people in this community to take them seriously, they must first take themselves seriously.

That includes hard, in-depth reporting on local politicians and businesses used to getting a free ride.

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Haslam too big to jail.

Haslam too big to jail.

Corporations are people...who don't go to jail.

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The official FBI press

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Happy talk and spinning

Happy talk and spinning aside, this is a guilty plea. Individuals will be squeezed to testify in further criminal proceedings.

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This Pilot Person should be executed and the Haslam's should all go to jail.
But they won't

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Bean is very, very right on a very important point

With this commitment and settlement, the company will have to provide cooperation and testimony against Hazelwood, if necessary, and Stick Freeman, if necessary, along with any other currently unindicted or other unnamed individuals.

Of note as earlier mentioned, the memorandum was signed by James A. Haslam II (Big Jim) not by the CEO of the company James A. Haslam III (Little Jimmy) and the what did you know and when did you know it question will be directed to John Compton (remember him)during his brief but apparently significant and possibly tumultuous tenure as the CEO of Pilot.

All of the company's internal investigation, internal audits, and other information (which the FBI/IRS may not have had access to) is now coming to the federal prosecutors (along with a $92 million check over the next 24 months)as people start looking to save their careers and stay out of jail.

Big Jim stepped back in and probably saved the life of Pilot Travel Centers and Pilot Corporation, but the story is a long, long way from being wound down and a long, long way from being able to be closed and behind them.

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The News-Sentinel will

The News-Sentinel will declare it closed and behind them though.

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Like Lucy in "The Long, Long, Trailer"

Correct. Story far from over.

John Compton issue should start to resolve and transparency about his CEO role will develop. The abrupt departure has never be adequately explained (except, perhaps, to the Knoxville News Sentinel's satisfaction).

Hazelwood, Freeman, little Jimmy and others are still in the briar patch.

Only a fool would under estimate the clue and cue that Big Jim signed the agreement.

It ain't over until the fat boy sings.

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