Jan 28 2014
07:50 am
By: CE Petro  shortURL

Pete Seeger, a folk-music and social justice icon, died yesterday. He was 94.

Here's a 1946 film featuring Seeger on the banjo.

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Very happily got to hear him

Very happily got to hear him perform twice, at Brandeis in 1962 and at Newport in 1967. There's a great interview with him in Seeing Red.

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Highlander Center's role in

The Highlander Center, now in New Market, played a large role in Pete's popularizing "We Shall Overcome," the world-wide anthem of justice seekers.

See today's obit in the New York Times.


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first solo album

Folkways FP-3, found at a local Goodwill. DemocracyNow has devoted its entire hour today to Seeger "in his own words and song." Included is a long reference to Highlander, and an extraordinary interview conducted just 4 months ago.


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And here I had it in my head

And here I had it in my head that he just might live forever.

Watching him perform at Obama's first inauguration was a pure delight.

RIP, Pete.

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