Tom has a somewhat informative article on TN Voter ID law and the bickering over it, in today's paper, and early on ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) comes into the picture.

Democrats, including Turner, note that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative-oriented national organization for state legislators funded largely by large corporations, drafted a "model" voter ID bill that has most of the same features included in Tennessee's law.

Maggart says she began pushing the idea back in 2006 and ALEC had nothing to do with the Tennessee effort, though the law did not pass until the Legislature gained strong Republican majorities this year following the 2010 elections.

Well, here's the thing. Rep. Maggart is a MEMBER of ALEC, along with a whole slew of TN republicans, and a few Democrats.

And, wait for it...ALEC has been pushing for Voter ID laws guessed it, 2006

A key member of the Corporate Executive Committee for ALEC’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force is Sean Parnell, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, which began highlighting voter ID efforts in 2006, shortly after Karl Rove encouraged conservatives to take up voter fraud as an issue.

Imagine that -- the very same year Maggart says she started pushing for Voter ID laws, here in TN.

If you truly believe Maggart when she says ALEC wasn't involved in her push on Voter ID's, well, I have a dilapidated scenic bridge to nowhere you might want to buy...


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