Nov 13 2012
10:03 pm
By: EricLykins  shortURL

"If we can raise $50,000 we can buy a million dollars worth of debt and abolish it."



The fund-raising effort has its own name, Rolling Jubilee, a reference to the biblical tradition of a jubilee year, in which all debts are forgiven and all indentured servants are given their freedom. Its more recent origin is the Occupy encampment in Zuccotti Park, where a group of protesters started talking seriously about the problem of burdensome student debt. That conversation eventually broadened to a consideration of the role of debt in American society, and Strike Debt was born.

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Duh, wish I had thought of it first.

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Darn dirty hippies! First

Darn dirty hippies! First they help hurricane victims, now they're helping people I debt to the banks. Next thing you know they'll be doing nice things for the undeserving 47%!

I love them!

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