Yes, he's earned it
44% (8 votes)
No, wait another year and see
56% (10 votes)
Total votes: 18
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Note that this blog post was

Note that this blog post was from March 2006 and is over a year old. This is not news about a new contract. Not sure how it got resurrected.

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I have no problem with those

I have no problem with those numbers. They appear to be in-line with the market rate. I would hope for a substantial buy-out restriction.

I attended every home basketball game this year and last (and most all for the last twenty years or so, save when I lived out of town a few years for school). I believe Pearl is the real deal.

The more interesting question will be whether Pat Summitt will likewise get a raise in to that range. I recall she received a significant raise when Pearl was hired. Men's coaches are paid substantially more at most schools. Men's basketball brings in more money, etc., even at Tennessee. But, no coach has accomplished what Pat Summit has accomlished. Does anyone know, is she the highest paid women's coach? If not, she should be.

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I would think Boston College

I would think Boston College would be the bigger threat than Indiana. Didn't Indiana just hire Kelvin Sampson?

Still, I am loathe to continue this practice of escalating salaries at UT without championships. It's not a good practice to give raises for moral victories.

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Yall are crazy if you can't see What Bruce Pearl is worth to this city and university.

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We need to make an

We need to make an outlandish buyout stipulation in his contract. If Indiana called him in a year or two he would be gone.

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Coaching economy

As a theoretical proposition, I don't think college coaches should be making this kind of money, especially after only one year.

That being said, the market is what it is.  And if anyone "deserves" to be paid this kind of money, Pearl has earned it.

When you consider Pearl's achievements this season and his track record at previous schools, I don't believe we need another season or two to determine we have an upper-tier coach.

I'm glad he's planning on donning the orange blazer for years to come. 

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I see that with one vote

I see that with one vote cast...I am with the majority.

Rare, that.

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I somewhat reluctantly made

I somewhat reluctantly made it evenly split.


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