Feb 24 2013
05:36 pm

First woman to win the pole position, first woman to lead laps during a Daytona 500, first woman to finish in the top 10.

Congratulations to Danica Patrick.

She was in third place going into the final lap, having stayed out of trouble for the entire race. I wish she had been more aggressive at the end, but maybe her team thought third place would be good enough. Next time she should just go for it. Regardless, she was still in it to win it at the end, and that's something

On a side note, NASCAR races are like NBA games.

In the NBA, you can put 100 points on the scoreboard for each team and two minutes on the clock and see what happens.

In NASCAR, you could set it to two laps to go, call a yellow flag restart, and see what happens. (Attrition from wrecks and engine blowouts during the game notwithstanding.)

Looks like there's no actual racing in NASCAR any more until the final laps.

R. Neal's picture

I also wish Godaddy wasn't

I also wish Godaddy wasn't her sponsor. But it is what it is. (And I pay Godaddy for some domains, including this one.)

bizgrrl's picture

NASCAR doesn't suck

NASCAR doesn't' suck. It's great fun when you attend a race, unless you get hit by debris. Love rally racing. They used to do it at Chilhowee Park, many moons ago.

CE Petro's picture

Personally I prefer the

Personally I prefer the superbike/superstock racing with the AMA and/or WERA.

Okay, okay, I'm biased! My youngest SON races!

AnonymousOne's picture

I prefer watching Nascar or

I prefer watching Nascar or Grand Prix.

And of course, from the front porch, Pellissippi Extension racing.

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