Jan 2 2019
05:32 pm

Shared with Jarod’s permission ...

Yes, that will be fine. You can include this e-mail address - - with your post in case anyone wants to discuss the issue with me further.

The track connection between Nashville and Knoxville is an interesting issue.

The Nashville & Eastern Railroad goes from Nashville as far as Monterey, Tennessee. Another short line railroad goes from the Knoxville area as far west as Cumberland County. The former trackage that connected these two lines was abandoned in 1980. The excuse given at that time was that the traffic load was too small to support the cost of infrastructure. In reality, it was abandoned to prevent the possibility of another east-west company to compete with one of the larger railroad companies - namely CSX.

Effort was made in 1992 and again in the early 2000's to restore trackage over the abandoned section. Doing so would improve east-west freight movement and open the possibility for passenger service. Sadly, a group of lobbyist and locals worked very hard to stop the project from moving forward. The politics of railroading in Tennessee can be cruel!

TARP has long held the position that it's in everybody's best interest to restore an east-west link. We have advocated for that in the past and will do so in the future.

As far as passenger service goes, we would like to see the state and related agencies gives serious consideration to extending the Music City Star as far east as Cookeville. Doing so would certainly boost the train and boost the appeal of the counties it would serve. The funds used to invest in track improvements would be helpful to area industries. The expansion could also revive the idea of restoring the east-west link.

Let me know if you would be interesting in getting further involved in this idea. We would love to have a group dedicated to better rail service in that part of our state.

Thank you again for getting in touch, and feel free to reach me again at this address.

Jarod Pearson, TARP President

Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers

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Maybe they can also try to

Maybe they can also try to get the general assembly to throw some wads of cash at getting the sun to rise in the opposite corner of the sky.

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Given the level of science

Given the level of science knowledge within the Republican Party, maybe they can.

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