Feb 2 2009
10:05 am

No, seriously. "Quality you can feel."

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that's a mighty hilarious write-up being presented on the Ebay page --

"This painting of Republican Deep Thinker and Impromptu Party Spokesmodel: Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, AKA "Joe The Plumber" On Black Velvet is an authentic Mexican Black Velvet Painting from "The American Tabloid Heroes Collection ~ Modern American Media Martyrs on Black Velvet", a Limited-Edition series of museum-quality Tijuana black velvet paintings which was produced exclusively for The Patriot Portrait Collectibles by Indignico Inc.

This particular black velvet painting was hand-painted in Tijuana, Mexico in 2008 by the professional Mexican velvet Elvis artist "ARGO." It is called: "Joe The Plumber On Black Velvet" (Modern American Media Martyr #274/1000)."

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An instant camp classic!

An instant camp classic!

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It appears he posed on the

It appears he posed on the loo, the place where he obviously did his heaviest thinking.

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I've seen that painting

I've seen that painting before...Only the subject had a bolt through his neck.

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