We live in one of the most prestigious valleys in the country with nowhere to view it in its entirety. I'm suggesting we need an overlook at the top of the mountain above Rockwood, at the edge of the plateau, just off I-40, so travelers can stop to take photos or just view our beautiful valley that they are entering or just leaving. What better way to promote the beauty of our valley to millions of travelers. It's a shame that one hasn't been built before.

bizgrrl's picture



JaHu's picture

Not sure, I haven't really

Not sure, I haven't really studied a map but surely there's a location somewhere that could be used.

reform4's picture


Roane Mountain? I know Roan Mt. in Carter Co.

I assume you mean as you come in around Rockwood, since you mentioned coming off the Plateau and I-40, but that really just overlooks that valley. What particular location are you thinking of?

JaHu's picture

Yeah I've always get confused

Yeah I've always get confused on the name. Is it called Rockwood Mountain? But yes I am thinking of the section above Rockwood where the Interstate is.

barkers's picture

Mt. Roosevelt

Mt. Roosevelt

bizgrrl's picture

That stretch of road is

That stretch of road is pretty dangerous.

barkers's picture


There's an overlook in Mt. Roosevelt Wildlife Management Area.


JaHu's picture

I was thinking something a

I was thinking something a little closer to the interstate, for a quick stop for travelers. Maybe even like a rest area with a observation deck on the roof of a souvenir/snack store.

JaHu's picture

There is a section in the

There is a section in the median of the interstate that appears to be large enough and also higher in elevation than both east and west lanes of the interstate to make a nice overlook.I-40 overlook2_0.jpg

JaHu's picture

I've been toying with this

I've been toying with this idea again and would like to share a sketch I've come up with. I feel this view would be more interesting than even the tower at Clingmans Dome, and would be much more accessable than it is. It could offer some great possibilities, including, a snack bar, restaurant, and souvenirs, and bring in a lot of tax dollars for Roane county and the state. I've played with an idea for off ramps that I feel wouldn't make this section of interstate any more dangerous than it already is, and actually might help slow traffic down.

The view would be absolutely unbelievable, and on a clear day one could see the entire valley, and from a tower, could see up and down the tops of the Cumberlands.
This is just an idea and I don't know if it would even be feasable, but to me it seems like it could bring a lot of money into the state.
observation tower overview3.jpg

JaHu's picture

There is a tower the state

There is a tower the state might be able to purchase and get a great deal, maybe even at a salvage price. It is underutilized and built down in a hole. I ask you, who in their right mind would build an observation tower down in a hole?

By the way, I'm not serious about the sunsphere. I was just playing around.

JaHu's picture

Before you say this is a

Before you say this is a crazy idea... ask yourself... would you go there?
I can imagine bus loads of elderly tourist stopping there daily on their way to their travel destinations, and where else would they be able to see the entire valley so clearly without having to hike to the top of our mountains?

WhitesCreek's picture

We already have a tower on

We already have a tower on top of Roosevelt mountain. It is at the very highest point and is already dilapidated and vandalized. Killer view, though.

JaHu's picture

But I'm thinking it would be

But I'm thinking it would be great to have one located with easy access just off the interstate. More in line with an upscale rest area that could handle millions of yearly travellers. It could have an onsite restaurant, snackbar, and souvenir shop.

I'd never even knew it the Roosevelt mountain tower existed until I posted this. Is it still open, I'd like to check it out.

WhitesCreek's picture

Check out Barker's post above

Check out Barker's post above for the official intel. Basically,from Knoxville, you exit I 40 at Westel and head left (South) two miles to Hwy 70. Left a couple of miles to Mt. Roosevelt on your left. Turn right on 70 and head west 4 miles to Ozone Falls. It's a power packed tourist area.

JaHu's picture

Currently I'm in Crossville

I will be in Crossville for a couple of days. On my way back, I might drive up and check it out.

??? Will I need a jeep, or can I get too it in my car?

jmcnair's picture

No problem.

Car is fine. It's a left turn of US 70/TN 1 before you drive down the mountain to US 27 in Rockwood. Dead end narrow road out to Mt Roosevelt Scenic Overlook.

I agree it's also worth a stop at Ozone Falls Natural Area - short walk to the top of the falls. Then proceed about 6 miles east and watch for the Mt Roosevelt Forest Road on your left.

JaHu's picture

As I was driving home from

As I was driving home from Crossville today I was planning to make the drive up to Mt. Roosevelt tower. But then I received a call from my granddaughter (Bluetooth), she said, "Papaw, can I get off the bus at your house?" Not wanting to risk being there when she got off the bus, I thought it be best to forego the drive to the tower (priorities!).
As fate has it, I-40 was at a standstill at Westel Rd. So i thought, if I am going to be late anyway I might as well make the drive up the mountain.

It is a magnificent view although tree and brush growth has cutoff much of it. The lower steps on the tower were missing so I couldn't get a better perspective, they probably removed them for safety purposes, but from what I could see it is a wonderful view. The road to the tower is narrow but not real steep.

Seeing the view really makes me feel even more confident that an overlook closer to the interstate would really be a popular stop.

By the way, I made it home in plenty of time to wait for my granddaughter's bus.

WhitesCreek's picture

Ozone Falls is the best

Ozone Falls is the best waterfall in the state with the shortest walk from the parking area. Be sure to walk to the bottom of the falls as well. Then think about the fact that it has been run twice in kayaks. Stoopid, but they did it.

Treehouse's picture

Can we call it Stuckeys?

And have Barba Shave signs on the way there?

JaHu's picture

...and sell pecan rolls? Does

...and sell pecan rolls?
Does Stuckey's even exist today?

Treehouse's picture

Burma Shave


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