Jan 6 2022
06:27 am

now they are and it appears there is a need for older American workers. Whatta ya gonna do?

Older American workers had been told to get out of the way. You need to make way for younger workers. Well, hah. The pandemic pushed a lot of people into retirement. Well, heck, if possible, who wants to get COVID-19? What older American wants to die because some employers and Republican officials won't protect them?

From CNN - "early retirement — whether forced by the pandemic or made possible otherwise — is playing a big role in America's evolving labor market."

From the Washington Post - "Each month since May 2020, a special survey created by the Census Bureau, the Household Pulse Survey, has asked why people aren’t looking for work." Since about June, 2020, the main reason for not working is retirement.

Too bad only 51% of U.S. citizens able to get vaccinated for COVIC-19 are fully vaccinated. Too bad so many Americans are not wearing masks. Too bad you now need older Americans to go back to work.


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