Apr 4 2019
06:07 am


"Speaking to reporters in the White House today [Tuesday, April 2, 2019], Donald Trump made several statements that were not only bizarre, they were downright incoherent."

In repeatedly trying to say origins, he kept saying oranges.

He discusses his father, who he says was born in Germany. His father, Fred Trump, was born in the United States.
"Trump just said "my father is German, was German. Born in a very wonderful place in Germany."

Tilting at windmills...

According to Trump [March 28, 2019], "If it [the wind] doesn't blow, you can forget about television for that night," he said at a rally in Michigan. "

Then yesterday [April 3, 2019], he said the noise from windmills causes cancer.

Maybe that isn't such a Wow. Apparently in 2012 Trump said LED light bulbs cause cancer.

And, finally, on a much more minor scale, he talks about his healthcare plan.
"We're going to have a phenomenal health care... we will be showing you at the appropriate time. It's much better than Obamacare."

Shortly after this announcement, Mitch McConnell told Trump "the Senate will not be moving comprehensive health care legislation before the 2020 election."

Our president is crazy? Or, crazy like a fox?

One thing we do know is he is great at stirring the pot. He is also pretty good at stating untruths. His voting base does not care if he is crazy, a bad leader, or a liar.

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The orange of covfefe.

The orange of covfefe.

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