Aug 13 2008
11:52 am

In addition to the 100+ bloggers who will be covering the Democratic National Convention and the DNCC gavel-to-gavel live online streaming video coverage at the official convention website, the DNCC is planning total information overload on the internet.

"Countdown to America's Future," a series of daily webcasts featuring "campaign officials and Convention insiders," will be broadcast on the convention website, Comcast’s Video On-Demand (VOD) and via satellite. The 15-minute long segments will air daily at 2:30 pm MT/4:30 pm ET beginning Sunday, August 24 through Thursday, August 28. The webcasts will preview the coming night’s program and provide exclusive interviews with speakers and other Convention participants.

Citizens across America will also be able to participate by way of "America's Town Hall." You can submit "questions and personal stories about how to change politics as usual, fix our economy, make America safer and restore our nation’s standing in the world." Selected questions will be "answered by speakers, live from Denver in front of thousands of delegates in the hall and millions of Americans watching from home," and also online throughout the Convention. You can also submit your own video of your question or story.

If all that's not enough, C-SPAN is launching Convention Hub, which will feature real-time tracking of credentialed state and national political bloggers and embeddable video clips from C-SPAN's convention coverage to "facilitate use by political bloggers and other convention watchers."

And don't forget TennViews Convention Central, which will consolidate our KnoxViews and TennViews convention blogging, feeds from all state and general pool bloggers and DNCC updates on one page.

ANGRYWOLF's picture

I guess we're back to open season on dems again


I hope no one will be deterred in campaigning for a change in Washington...

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