Aug 4 2011
07:08 am

One of the reasons for the backlog in DC is that repubs put a hold on, filibuster, or find some hostage-taking way to stop a process. For instance, nominations almost routinely have a "hold" put on them, sometimes lasting so long that the nominee just drops out. Or, they leave town for a 5-week vacation leaving 20 judicial nominees twisting in the wind.

Now, I have also made no bones about this disastrous administration, that the failures (sometimes spun as successes) have had devastating impacts on regular people. Like, it or not, this time Obama has really crossed the line with his nomination of David Barlow to be US Attorney in Utah. Barlow, is the chief legal counsel for the most radical "Tenther" in the Senate, Sen. Mike Lee.

As ThinkProgress explained after news broke that Barlow was being vetted for this job, Barlow’s close association with Lee raises very serious questions about whether he can be trusted to enforce laws intended to protect ordinary Americans ability to earn a living, be safe from natural disasters and enjoy a secure retirement.

Will someone step up and put a hold on this disaster? Is that more than we can hope for, or is this another sh*t sandwich progressives, liberals, or whatever you want to call yourself, are supposed to eat, swallow and ask for more?


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