Rumor is Peyton Manning is going to the Denver Broncos. They're speculating a "five-year, $90 million package."

Therefore, "Tebowmania is toast in Denver."

Rachel's picture

Peyton bumping Tebow would be

Peyton bumping Tebow would be the ultimate Tennessee insult to Florida.

So hey, maybe it's not a bad idea.

WhitesCreek's picture

Not a Tebow fan. Public

Not a Tebow fan. Public displays if religiosity induce snide remarks inside my head.

Actually, Tebow will have a wonderful opportunity to sit at the feat of a master, but I doubt if he has what it takes to do that.

Rachel's picture

I'm not a Tebow fan either,

I'm not a Tebow fan either, for much the same reason. I respect folks who LIVE their faith; not so much those who "pray on the street corners."

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What Rachel says.

What Rachel says.

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(No subject)

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love the cartoon!

Pope Payton replacing Saint Tebow!

Shallow women everywhere will be crying.

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Looks like the patron saint

Looks like the patron saint of the wobbly forward pass is heading to the Jets.

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(No subject)

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Whew! Peyton Dodges a Bullet

A spokesperson for Pat Robertson told the Associated Press Friday that, while Bro Pat is displeased with the 'shabby treatment' Tebow received at the hands of the Denver Broncos, he has not in fact used his hot line to ask God to smite Manning.

Of course we all know that God doesn't always follow Pat's advice. There was the time he suggested sending a hurricane onto the queers at Disney World and instead one hit the Virginia Beach headquarters of his broadcasting empire.

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