The new owners [of the old Hyatt, Marriott, Hotel Knoxville] have submitted an application to the Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission to use the site as a senior housing facility.

I would never have guessed that this would be how this facility would turn out. Back in the day there were so many huge events held in that building. There used to be a great Easter banquet and so much more.

Such an icon. I guess grand hotels are out of style?

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Mostly, I'm seeing hotels

Mostly, I'm seeing hotels being converted to multi-family across the country. Hotels, that are open, are struggling, adaptive reuse can re-energize communities while cutting down on construction costs, when done with the community's needs in mind.

It's not that grand hotels are going out of style, the business model is not sustainable unless you have the occupancy rates.

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Senior housing plan

Senior housing plan withdrawn...


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Dang it

I was planning on spending my dotage here.

Looking forward to a big balcony with a view of the mountains and river.

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