Sep 13 2017
04:00 pm

WATE: Roundup restaurant owner arrested for buying shoplifted meat from drug addicts. South Knoxville, keeping it real.

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Eeeeewwwww! We've only eaten


We've only eaten there once since moving back to Tennessee. It was definitely not the same as it was early on.

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I'm reading a book (fiction)

I'm reading a book (fiction) whose main thesis is that the opioid epidemic and crime associated with it is eventually gonna do us all in.

Didn't expect it so close or so soon.

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Breaks my heart. Sam seems

Breaks my heart. Sam seems like a really good guy.

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Knox County Health Dept. gave

Knox County Health Dept. gave them a score of 90 on their restaurant inspection.

Roundup Restaurant and Ice Cream, 3643 Sevierville Pike. Violation: Improper date marking and disposition of food: 90

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