Aug 17 2007
08:04 pm

Via Crooks & Liars:


Maybe it's just me...

Compare with an earlier photo:

Anyone else see thinning, whiter hair? Sunken eyes? Callow complexion? Gauntness around the jowl line and neck?

Irrespective of how I feel about the guy as a presidential candidate, I hope his lymphoma hasn't rebounded.

rocketsquirrel's picture


alzheimers? eg. an early Reagan?

I will never, NEVER forget, after the marine barracks was bombed in Beirut in 1984, when press was trying to talk to Ronald Reagan as he and Nancy were heading to the Marine One helicopter, and they were asking questions. Ronnie stared blankly, Nancy bent down and murmured, "we're doing what we can." Ronnie parrotted the same answer. they asked another question. she murmured "no comment." Ronnie parrotted. Then she grabbed him by the hand and led him to the helicopter.

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