I don't understand Alexander and Corker's problem with Brown.

Isn't part of the idea of a board to have varied perspectives? She reads like the most qualified board member I have ever seen nominated for TVA.

From Tom Humphrey via News-Sentinel...

Angering Tennessee's two Republican senators, President Barack Obama again wants Senate consideration of energy efficiency expert Marilyn Brown for a full term on the TVA board of directors, reports Paul Barton of Gannett's Washington bureau.

Obama Re-nominates Marilyn Brown to TVA Board; Alexander & Corker Not Happy

Paul Barton

jbr's picture

Would she replace McBride?

Would Brown replace McBride?
Current TVA Board

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Tennessee don't need no

Tennessee don't need no liberal tree-huggin' science believin' hippies on the TVA board.

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This. Alexander and Corker


Alexander and Corker may not be happy, but I am.

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Barton is an old and dear

Barton is an old and dear colleague and friend. We worked together in Little Rock and I was in his wedding. He knows about utility reporting. He can write circles around anybody out there. I'm thrilled to see that Gannett had him on this. He'll eat Alexander and Corker alive.

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Anything that causes Corker

Anything that causes Corker grief seems to be good for the country. Alexander does find an acorn on rare occasions.

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Barton wrote about Entergy's

Barton wrote about Entergy's woes when we were both in Arkansas and I loved him for handling it. He's also great with various arcane financing issues. He's been in DC since '92. This is his second time with Gannett. I think he's been with them about two years this time. If he wrote it, you can count on him having reviewed everything thoroughly.

I saw something he wrote about Corker a few weeks ago that one of the TV stations picked up.

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Nothing more

I don't understand Alexander and Corker's problem with Brown.

It's their usual problem with Obama presidentin' like a Democrat.

Rachel's picture

I really don't get the

I really don't get the problem with Brown either. She's clearly qualified, and I didn't notice her rocking the boat during her first term (in fact, I would have liked to see her rock it a bit more).

It mystifies me why Alexander & Corker are so negative about her, unless it's just part of the "we oppose Obama pretty much about anything and everything" atmosphere.

Pam Strickland's picture

Corker and Alexander don't

Corker and Alexander don't like Brown because she sees the world through a different prism than they do. Nevetmind that she didn't really shake things up with her education and background, there's potential because she doesn't have the lockstep background that they like to see.

Amos Rucker؟ 's picture

Cui bono

Alexander is quoted in the article as saying, "the TVA board needs a nominee with a better understanding of the relationship between low electricity rates and better jobs in the Tennessee Valley".

That is another way of saying, "she is too focused on clean energy, which will cost more to produce and, in turn, prevent businesses from locating in my district".

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But you see, that's the

But you see, that's the thing. Although I hoped she would act on that during her first term, I didn't see much of it. Maybe she was asking a lot of questions behind the scenes, tho.

In a weird way, as long as she doesn't do much boat rocking, she should be an asset for Corker & Alexander. They can point to her and say "see, she's an expert in sustainability and SHE voted for this."

Factchecker's picture

She knows too much about

She knows too much about economics. She knows about externalizing costs on future generations, polluting the Smokies, real costs of climate change, etc. Alexander and Corker obviously only care about populist pandering for what's lowest cost over the next election cycle or two.

Alexander wants 100 new nuke plants at, what, $20B each? That's $2 trillion or 4,000 Solyndras, using my new Republican government denomination! Nice value there, Lamar.

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Lamar also thinks wind

Lamar also thinks wind turbines, probably the greatest electrical power generation device in existence, are bad, though the biggest reason he can come up with is that wind turbines are giant "bird Cuisinarts," as he called them. Except that common house cats kill about 5,000 times as many birds as wind turbines do. Lamar's environmental record shows he cares not a whit about birds anyway.

Don't be fooled by him.

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A little more about Brown

A little more about Brown ...


Dr Brown's CV

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Hey, Georgia Tech on her

Hey, Georgia Tech on her resume! Doesn't this meet the top FIL hiring criterion?

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