Sep 28 2012
10:53 am

In case you missed it, various polls now show Obama leading in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Nate Silver at the 538 Blog has it 319.3 electoral votes for Obama v. 218.7 for Romney, with Obama at a 83.9% chance for victory.

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I guess voter suppression and

I guess voter suppression and machine tampering are two of the few tools left in the bag to keep SS Gooper from hitting the iceberg.

Even the Rapture would insure an Obama victory since the only voters left behind would be us godless Democrats.

Up Goose Creek's picture


My guess is that Jesus would prefer the Democratic values of inclusivity, caring for the poor, etc. Some self-identifying godless folks might get whooshed into heaven based on their good works. Won't that be a surprise!

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Silver can self congratulate

Silver can self congratulate all he wants, but in his blog he focuses on Rasmussen's "biasness and inaccuracy" in 2000 and 2010, yet somehow misses 2008.

You know, that little presidential election we had.

Actually according to this information, Rasmussen and Ipsos was the closest to what actually happened:



And for the latest:


Polls are just a snapshot at a particular time. They can give some guidance, but they seem to be being overused right now, with people putting more meaning into them that I doubt the White House is doing.

From the BBC link above it looks pretty much neck and neck, but I guess some can go with whatever some blogger is telling us the polls are "telling" us, or looking at the polls themselves and thinking "who knows?"

lonnie's picture

The October Surprise? Polls

The October Surprise? Polls might have turned against him now...But maybe there is hope...The only possible way I can conceive that Romney can pull out a win is if he finds a solution to this dang stinkbug problem!

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